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5 eco-friendly options for office furniture to make your office more sustainable

“We must not only talk about what can be done, but do what we have to.” This message was shared by Sir David Attenborough at the COP26 conference. Responsible consumers are one way that we can help tackle the climate crisis.

We can verify the materials used, production methods, where the desk or chair was manufactured, and whether it can be recycled.

A Posturite survey of consumers found that 61% said sustainability was important to them when selecting office furniture.

To be truly eco-friendly at the office, what type of seat should your organic cotton-clad bottom be placed on? Which desk is best for your Friends of the Earth notebook and Friends of the Earth cup? Let’s see…

1. The eco-friendly office chair

To save the environment, we must have ingenuity. I love the fact that the Capisco 8106 office chair foam padding is made from recycled car bumpers. The chair’s packaging and manufacturing were also made from recycled household plastic.

Both a manufacturer as well as a retailer of office furniture should have the ISO 14001 certification. This certifies responsible energy use and recycling.

The Capisco 8106 office chairs are stylish and modern. They were inspired by a horse riding saddle. The chair comes in a variety of colours, including’straw’. This seems to be appropriate.

Here, eco friendliness and beauty are perfectly matched. The HAG Capisco from Flokk is durable and built to last. Watch the video to learn more about Flokk’s sustainable furniture design process.


Before you buy office furniture, make sure to research it thoroughly.

  • Are office furniture made from recycled or recyclable materials and does it avoid hazardous materials?
  • Is the manufacturer trying to use less components?
  • Is it possible to expect it will last a long time? Do you offer a repair service?
  • Can it be disassembled easily after use and the parts reused or recycled easily


2. The eco-friendly, low-cost home office desk

A foldable desk is an advantage in many households. The Posturite WFH Folding Desk is compact and affordable at just 1,000 mm by 550mm.

What is the material used to make the desk? Recycled natural plywood is a good choice for sustainable materials. Wood can be recycled and reused because it is an organic material.


3. The eco-friendly, funky office stool

There are many styles and shapes to choose from when choosing a Posturite ergonomic chair. Let me now draw your attention towards the Backapp smart.

One reviewer praised this unusual office chair as “Absolutely innovative”:

“Instant impact. Excellent design, concept, and finish. Everybody sees it and gets it. Very clever…This is the best solution .”

The Smart stool features a rocking mechanism that is based on the red ball in the photo. You can adjust the ball to alter movement and improve your back strength. The dynamic sitting position can increase blood circulation. This stool is recommended for people suffering from back pain and to prevent future problems.

What about its environmental credentials? Backapp Smart stool is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The fabrics are OEKOTEX(r), certified, and the chairs have a long-lasting design. All components can be easily replaced. The ISO 11469 marking system identifies various plastic products and allows for waste recovery. All large plastic parts have been labelled. It’s good to know!

4. The eco-friendly sit-stand desk

What does ‘FSC’ mean? Maybe you’ve seen it printed on paper. It is a certificate for wood from the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that the timber comes from forests that have been managed in an environmentally responsible manner and in a way that is socially beneficial.

The OfficeRite 550 Electric Sit/Stand Desk’s wooden tabletop is fully FSC-certified. It also complies with the RoHS2-2011/65/EU Directive for the environmentally responsible recovery and disposal electronic equipment. This desk is a great choice for those who are committed to sustainability.

A standing table is a great way to improve your health and change your position throughout the day. Even better, you might feel more confident when you are standing up to lead the important Zoom meeting!

5. The eco-friendly chair for your home office

You can also use Posturite’s Seating Projects service if you are looking for ergonomic chairs that you can buy for your entire team.

The recycled components of the office chair include reused aluminum, steel, and fabric. Up to 37% are used in their construction. MDK, a Leicester-based manufacturer of office chairs, has received ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System. It’s great to learn that their fabric offcuts are donated locally to craft projects.

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