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Your health check infographic

People all over the country are working remotely with different degrees of success.

You may have an ergonomically-compliant workstation that you already own, such as home office tables and chair or at the very least, an adjustable laptop table and separate keyboard.

Others will have to make do with what they have to in order to find a workable position. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, bad habits can easily slip even if you have a fully functioning workstation. We recommend that you regularly give yourself, your workplace and your habits a health check.

Katharine Metters, our Head Consultant, recently gave a webinar that was packed with valuable advice on what to watch out for and how to increase your comfort and productivity at work. The homeworking and health check-up webinar can be found here.

Katharine’s expertise has been used to create an infographic you can use to review your situation and set-up. The check-up can be broken down into three sections: external environment, mental health, and physical health.

Although we may not be in control of all aspects of our lives, we can take steps to improve them. Book a telephone consultation to receive personalized advice from a qualified workstation assessmentor. For any other questions, please feel free to contact them.

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