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Designing for a New Office

When designing a new office layout, there are many factors to take into consideration. Your employees will thrive and enjoy the new design.

If designed correctly, open floor plans can still be very popular. Understanding how it could help your team and making sure that it is being used in a way that helps you achieve your goals is key to creating an office environment that works for your company. With health and wellbeing being top of mind, there are many other factors. These new requirements will help you create a safer workplace. Most people long to return to work after working remotely. It is therefore important to address their needs and create a workplace they love.

Consider the following when opening a new office:

Workstation Proximity

According to current CDC guidelines, workstations should be six feet apart in order to comply with social distancing protocols. For six feet separation between employees, seating, furniture and workstations must include physical barriers. Flexible workstations allow for a more flexible workflow that optimizes space. This type of seating is non-assigned and can be used to reduce costs and maximize valuable real estate. Modular furniture can be customized to suit the space.

Office Traffic Flow

Screens or panels placed between workstations can help to create a barrier between people and pedestrians. Employees will feel safer at work and the flow of traffic will be maintained, which will help reduce contact. Claridge screens feature a whiteboard on one side and lush greenery on the opposite.

Office Design Trends and Work Productivity

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the average worker worked 7.9 hours per week at work. This equates to about 150 hours per month. Intimate design can help increase employee morale, productivity, and company culture since a lot of time spent at the office. Potential employees can also find the office attractive.

We keep up-to-date with all the latest design trends so we can help you choose the style and look you want. Biophilic design is a popular trend at the moment. This design connects people to nature. It can reduce stress, improve mood and encourage creativity. It can also improve acoustics, and bring a natural feel to the workplace. Moss frames were used in a recent design project to reduce sound and integrate biophilic design.

Office Furniture and Safety

Safety is a major concern when it comes to office furniture selections. Either you can browse our catalogue, which is fast and easy, or you can request a customized solution that is curated from one of our designers. To ensure safety and social distancing, we are involved in many virtual projects.

COVID-19 is not the only thing we offer. We also offer modern ergonomic office furniture that allows employees to sit or stand comfortably. Employees can alternate between sitting and standing with sit-stand desks. Standing improves blood flow and has many health benefits.


Flexible Indoor Spaces

The indoor environment should allow for innovation and collaboration, as well as provide quiet spaces for concentration. In today’s office design, careful spacing and separation are essential. Our designers create innovative furniture that allows maximum flexibility.

Leverage Outside Spaces

You may be able to use outdoor spaces if your office is located in Colorado, where there is 300+ days of sunshine per year. Outdoor office furniture, comfortable seating, and the power needed to run electronics are all options.

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