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A new study has found That two in five people work in unsafe conditions at home.

The pandemic lockdown in the United States has forced office workers to seek work space at home. However, many are struggling to do so, according to an Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management survey.

Only one in four of 2,200 respondents said that they had a separate office. Two in five also stated that they were working in an inappropriate home environment due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many respondents said they used temporary workstations in their homes, such as on couches, tables and beds. Nearly half of respondents said that it was difficult to stay motivated at home and nearly as many were distracted.

It was also revealed that working remotely has blurred the boundaries between personal and professional life. Many people struggle to unwind or feel pressured to respond to emails after work hours.

Employers must offer more support

Nearly a third of respondents said that they would like more support from their employer in creating a productive workplace, such as desks, monitors, and office chairs.

Chris Moriarty, of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, stated that “As the lockdown measures start to ease, Government and Business attention turns to the mammoth task of getting employees across the UK back to work safely. It would be foolish to think that “business as usual” will continue after the crisis. Many are now considering the long-term consequences of this national experiment with home working.

Employers should provide at least a laptop stand with a separate keyboard and mouse so that users of laptops can work safely and without compromising their posture. You can find complete kits here. Or, if you prefer to have the freedom to create your own setup, check out our ergonomic mouse, keyboards, and laptop stands.

Our top-of-the-line desks and chairs for your home office include:

We recommend providing a desk, or home office table such as our new smart slot homeworking desk. It is easy to assemble and take apart by simply putting the birch plywood pieces together. No tools are required.

For more active work, you can add the sitting-stand desk convert and the under-desk shelves for extra storage. Another great option is the Oploft Sit Stand Platform. It folds down to just a little over an inch thick and has a compact size.

The Homeworker Ergonomic Chair offers a cost-effective solution that can be adjusted to provide a comfortable sitting position. You can adjust the height of your chair using intuitive functions. This will allow you to align your feet, knees, and hips correctly, thereby avoiding pain and allowing you to work more productively for longer.

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