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My home office: my MBA HQ

Meet Zoe, an IT Manager who manages full-time work while also managing a part time MBA and raising a toddler. Zoe Winton Jones, a Posturite graduate, is enjoying the chance to grow and develop her business as well as her management skills through her Open University postgraduate program. I spoke to her about her work environment, her ambitions, and the challenges she faces in fitting in her studies.

Please Zoe, tell us why you decided to pursue an MBA.

“I was offered the chance to join a new leadership team at Posturite. I was elated. I wanted to know more. To be able to lead at the next level, I need to become a better critical thinker about business.

It was a natural fit to have an MBA. It’s very practical. I can write assignments about my company, and the course is all your current working practices.

My company hired me as a purchasing assistant 14 years ago. This has helped me to understand the workings of all departments and can prove very useful for senior leaders. IT is about implementing systems that impact everyone. This allows you to see how every little thing can affect the others. I’m also a bit opinionated and am happy to share my thoughts in meetings to help develop the business.

Did you feel excited or scared when the MBA began last May?

“I felt every emotion. To begin with, I was a complete imposter. When you complete a master’s degree, especially an MBA, you assume that everyone will be very successful in their career and have a good understanding of what they are doing. I wanted to know if I was in a good place and doing the right thing. I am in my 30s, and I haven’t been studying for 15 years.

However, as soon as I began to talk to people, it became clear that we were all in the same boat. The moment I submitted my first essay, and received a high mark, it was clear that it was ok. This is possible.

Some of my feelings are excitement and pride. It all depends on who you ask! I’m happy that I don’t just sit there and do nothing but think about getting an MBA.

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