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Tips for Remote Working

You may have to work remotely due to the COVID-19 situation. This may be a new situation for you or your company. Here are some tips to help you work remotely.

Incorporate elements of biophilic design into your work space.

Biophilic design uses elements of nature, such as plants and natural light. It has been proven that biophilic design can reduce stress and increase productivity.

Add a vase of flowers to your workspace. You should work in an area that has natural light and views to the outside.

Dress to impress

It’s easy to put on your pajamas and sweatshirt when working remotely. But dressing for success can make a big difference in your outlook and productivity.

This also ensures professionalism for clients and colleagues who are used to seeing you in the office.

Focus Time Block.

It’s easy for people to lose focus and get distracted when working remotely. It’s important that you have a clear plan for your day and set aside time to focus.

Write down everything you need to do and the time it will take. Based on your work schedule and productivity time, decide when you can focus on the more difficult tasks and prioritize them accordingly.

It is important to set clear boundaries regarding your work hours and working with family members. This will eliminate distractions.

Try not to get stuck in one spot.

Do not be confined to one place all day. Flexibility is key to moving around. You can change your position, work location and posture. You can take breaks to move around the house or go outside. You can take conference falls in quiet areas of your backyard or home.

A chair that supports your spine and lower back is important if you sit for a lot of time. Your feet and arms should be parallel to the ground. Your back should rest against the chair, and your shoulders should not be raised or hunched. A chair that can be adjusted to suit different heights and desk positions is a great option.

Get Outside.

Take team calls outdoors if possible, or just walk around the block. This is a great way to get an energy boost.

Outdoor time can help reduce blood pressure, stress levels, concentration, productivity, and creativity.

Take advantage of technology to work remotely.

Working remotely has become easier thanks to digital technology. Solution such as ZOOM and GOTOMEETING make it possible for teams to connect and collaborate virtually.

Make sure to have a plan in place for your virtual meetings. This will help you keep on track. You can make sure that each presenter is aware of the time available and you have a coordinator to help keep everyone on track.

You or your team members may be new to remote digital technology. Make sure you have enough time to give an overview. Remote technology can seem daunting and frustrating at times. Be patient with clients and colleagues.

For success, set up remote conference meetings.

You can make meetings more personal by using a camera with your clients and team. Video calls are a great way to help others understand what is being said and pick up on nonverbal cues. Your computer camera should be set up at eye level so others can see you.

Make sure you have a quiet space to meet in for video chats. Make sure you have sufficient lighting to allow your face and eyes to be clearly visible. Sit with a window facing your face if you can. This will provide natural light. To reduce background noise, use a headset.

Ask permission to record the meeting if there are members who cannot attend. This allows others to review the meeting and will ensure that further follow-up is done.

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