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How to keep employees motivated and engaged

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Are your employees happy and engaged? What does it cost your company every year to have unhappy employees? It is essential to create a work environment that values employee engagement and morale in order to build a high-performing workforce that recruits and retains top performers. It is essential for long-term success, productivity, and profits.

Let’s discuss numbers. According to the Engagement Institute disengaged employees can cost organizations $450-$550 billion each year. Your clients and customers also have an impact on employee engagement. Who wants to work alongside a disengaged employee? Profits lost due to ideas and innovations that can’t be implemented if your employees are only looking for new opportunities or just trying to get by.

How to keep your employees motivated and engaged
These are some tips to help you and your team increase engagement and morale at work.

Provide feedback and connect with employees – Establish regular times for communication, to learn about their perspectives and needs. Give them honest feedback about their performance and let them know that you value them.
Create a workspace and office that encourages creativity. If you value new ideas and offer opportunities for employees to grow, it gives you a sense ownership of the company. You can offer training, advancement opportunities, recognition, or awards for creativity, among other things.
Offer incentives- Companies that offer additional incentives to employees, whether it’s growth opportunities, wellness memberships or investments in new technology to improve efficiency for employees. Even small thoughtful touches like providing coffee or snacks in the breakroom can show how much you care.
Make your workplace culture a priority – Your workplace should reflect your values and morals, as well as the characteristics that are most important for your company. Now is the time to think about what values you want your team to embody. These are just some of the options.

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