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Do employers take hay fever seriously?

Many people don’t sympathize with hay fever sufferers who have to take time off work because of their symptoms. A recent Well Pharmacy survey found that as many as 55% of hay fever sufferers feel the need for time off work due to their allergy. One third of those who have lied to their managers about their symptoms.

Hay fever symptoms are similar to the common cold and can be disruptive during pollination season (March through September). Jane Devenish, a pharmacist, says that hay fever symptoms can include headaches, blocked sinuses and shortness of breath. They can also cause watery eyes and difficulty hearing. This can lead to a significant impact on your quality of life.

Is hay fever considered a disability?

Except when it is aggravating another condition, such as asthma or eczema, Hay fever does not count as a disability under Equality Act 2010. Employers are not legally required to make reasonable adjustments for patients.

Half of those surveyed felt that their condition was under-estimated by others. 44% of those surveyed said that they couldn’t focus on work because of the constant interruptions caused by their need to blow their nose and sneeze. One fifth said they felt more angry with their colleagues when they had symptom flare ups.

Over half of respondents stated that their symptoms made them feel tired and rundown. A fifth claimed that they felt too uncomfortable at times to do anything.

Productivity is reduced by Hay fever

Lloyds Pharmacy conducted a 2014 study and found that hay fever is a major problem in Britain. It causes sick leave, productivity drops, and costs British businesses approximately PS324 millions each summer.

Although it is not required by law to make adjustments in the workplace for people with hay fever, it is in an employer’s best interest to do so. Businesses can take a few simple steps to support sufferers and keep hay fever from having an adverse effect on their bottom line.

Air purifiers are a good choice

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