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Social anxiety when you return to work

Many companies ask teams to spend just a few days at work per week. But if this thought causes anxiety, resistance, and existential dread it is time to seek out more support.

The most preferred way to work globally is hybrid. This means that you have probably been asked to return to the office more often. Around 73% people worldwide are back at work at least once per week. Other days they may be working remotely or in a coworking space .

While it is good business practice to encourage more face-to-face collaboration and team building, the shift back to work can cause anxiety for many people.

The UK Office for Health Improvement and Disparities discovered that 53% of people are anxious about working in person while only 6% feel anxious about working at home.

You may be wondering why you feel so dreadful if you have worked in an office all your life. The Sunday Scaries is a name for the feeling that some people associate with the Sunday Scaries.

How can you reduce anxiety while working in an office

  1. Be open to the transition: Think about the anxiety you feel when starting a new job. Even if you have been with the company for many years, it’s normal to feel that way when returning to work. Allow yourself to adjust to the new routine, new ways of doing things, and new interactions.
  • Keep some of your WFH behaviors: Environments have a significant impact on our behavior. You may have some good habits while working remotely. You can go for a walk after lunch, or leave your desk to get out of the office a few times per day to stretch your legs and take a break from your computer.
  • Make friends: If you have been avoiding meetings in person and social gatherings at work then it is time to break the ice. It is possible that your worries and anxiety about social interactions might be worse than you realize.
  • Talk to your manager to find out how your company can ease your transition.

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