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Christmas gifts for desktop: The Posturite Christmas Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching and this means that panic buying for gifts is already underway. We’re spending more time at the desks, due to homework and the eagerly awaited return from work.

Why not gift some desktop accessories that are practical to those you care about in this year’s holiday season?

Posturite can help you find gifts for your coworkers and friends, or just for yourself. Check out our office gift guide to find the best desk gifts for desktop users.

Communication: An upgraded webcam


Video meetings have become a standard part of our daily lives. Many of us have webcams that produce blurry images and use choppy microphones. A brand-new webcam will help you and your loved ones communicate better this year.

It can be hard to distinguish the good and the bad webcams. We can recommend the JPL Vision and Voice Mini webcam. The webcam provides a clear image and includes a microphone for saving money.

Posture: Lumbar support cushions


A bad back is something that no one likes. You would be happy to gift pain relief. You can gift better posture this Christmas by giving a supportive lumbar pillow. A lumbar cushion is a cushioned material that you can use to rest comfortably for hours.

The best thing? Even your existing chair can be used! You can attach it to your back to achieve a better position.

There are many options, but the Winged Roll cushion has the best support. The cushion is made of soft, plush material and can be washed easily. It also has a compact design that allows it to easily slip into a bag for your morning commute.

Wellbeing: desk lighting accessories


We can’t stress enough the importance of lighting in your home office. Lighting can have a negative impact on our health and motivation. Consider these home office gifts that will boost your wellbeing this year.

This lamp Beurer HTML20 lamp is an excellent choice. This lamp provides a flicker-free light and can even be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It creates a calm atmosphere which is beneficial for productivity and mood regulation throughout the day.

Organization: Document holders


How many times have important documents been lost or put down? This is a frustrating situation, but it can be avoided with a document holder that saves space.

Although not the most extravagant gift, your colleagues will be grateful for the organized desk space. The Q_Doc 415 Document Holder has the best versatility. You can place it right between your monitor and keyboard, making your documents easily accessible and reducing your desk space.

Comfort: footrests


Poor posture can lead to many health issues in the office. This can be caused by your chair, but more often it is your legs. If you place your feet too close to the ground, your knees will bend. Too far away, and your feet won’t have any support.

An adjustable footrest is a great way to add dimension to your sitting position. A footrest allows the lower body to relax while the chair does a good job supporting the upper body. The Score 952 Height-Adjustable Footrest allows for unparalleled customization with tilt and height adjustments that can be made in real time. You can relax and let the computer do all the work while you enjoy your posture.

Monitor arms for visibility


It’s better to have two screens than one. You can write on one screen, but you can also keep references and other information on the second. This will reduce the time you spend switching between tabs and programs and increase your productivity.

Desk space is the one thing that can let two monitors down. To increase their durability, many modern monitors come with bulky stands. This is great for one screen but it can quickly encroach on your desk space.

There is an alternative. Dual-monitor arms raise both screens to adjustable heights. This eliminates the need for heavy, bulky monitor stands. There are many options, but the CBS FL Dual Monitor Arm stands out as the best. This arm includes two arms that attach to a desk using a heavy-duty clamping mechanism. It’s a great gift idea for someone new to dual-monitor living.

Accessory packs for laptops that are portable


Are you still unsure what accessories to buy? A bundle of accessories can help you cover all bases. This eliminates the guesswork from gift-giving and still offers a wide range of amazing products.

For example, take our On-The-Go Wired Kit. This bundle includes a portable, lightweight laptop stand that can hold a variety of models as well as a keyboard and mouse. This bundle is ideal for anyone who has just started remote work or who doesn’t know what to buy this year.

Posturite offers accessories for remote working and office accessories

This list has something for everyone. It includes options for home workers, office workers, and veterans of home work. Our expert team is here to help if you need any assistance.

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