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The Touchless Office during COVID-19

COVID-19 has seen perceptions shift as people become more concerned about germs and touch with other people. The common belief is that less touch equals better.

This presents a new challenge to those working in the workplace. Many companies and organizations have focused on creating a “touchless office”. The use of touchless office technology can ease anxiety and make work spaces more efficient and safer.

Although touchless technology isn’t new, it is growing in popularity and you will likely see more products with touchless capabilities. You can incorporate touchless technology into your workplace now by reading the following.

Office Touchpoints

Think about the many office touchpoints that many people are in daily contact with: copier, shredders and light switches, doors, and even the coffee maker! Every device that needs human interaction to function is now a COVID-19 potential point.

What are you able to do to make these options more accessible?

There is already office technology that can help reduce physical touch points. We can show you how easy it could be to add more options. This includes the door handle that is so often touched. Automated doors eliminate the need to touch.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control Systems make it possible to access your business or organization without touching any access panels. It records biological data from visitors. Total Office sells a product called OneScreen GoSafe. Customers can easily return in via a facial recognition and body temperature scanner. This technology allows for live video assistance to approve entry.

Smart-Phone Based Solutions

Smartphone-based solutions are becoming more popular. They minimize the need to touch functions like office temperature control and operation of the elevator and vending machine. One can even order coffee! The technology eliminates the need to have many employees touch common surfaces. Touchless technology can also be used to control shredders, copier and printers. Voice search technology and voice command technology are becoming more popular for various tasks in the office.

Automatic Office Options

Automatic lighting, motion sensors and blinds are clever and efficient ways to reduce touchpoints. These items also save electricity.

Automated soap and sanitizer dispensers are necessary for every office. Automated paper towel dispensers and touchless water faucets can eliminate germy touchpoints in the bathroom. Motion-detection lighting can help reduce costs and energy. Garbage cans with motion sensors and foot-activated ones can cut down on touch. Total Office offers eco-friendly hand dryers to reduce paper waste.

Touchless Office Furniture

If you are looking for communal spaces, office furniture can be implemented that allows people to easily navigate shared spaces. Rearranging furniture and improving circulation can create more space, which can alter the density patterns.

Open storage eliminates the need for touch tops, drawer or cabinet handles. Open shelves are an option, which allows for easy cleaning.

To help prevent COVID-19 from spreading, it is important that you consider including air purifiers in your office design.

COVID-19 made touchless technology about safety and hygiene, but it’s not over. Touchless technology in the office is a sign that your company is innovative and forward-thinking.

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