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Desk envy: Ideas for your home office desk setup

You can make yourself feel at ease and inspired, no matter how big or small your workspace is.

How you set up your desk can make a big difference in how you feel and what productivity looks like. Minimalists, for example, will appreciate the use of space-saving, cleverly designed equipment. To lift your mood, you might need to add colour to your home with artwork or plants.

No matter your style preference, these desks will inspire you. To inspire you, we’ve collected some of our favorite Instagram desk designs.

This is a wonderful example of a functional and exciting workspace. The beautiful coloured light feature on this back wall adds soft lighting and beauty to the space. It works well with the lamp to the left, which helps reduce shadows and prevents glare.

The equipment has been carefully arranged so that the ergonomic mouse will be comfortable throughout the day. A well-designed chair is the only thing that’s missing in this photo. The HAG Capiscopuls 8020 White Office chair will perfectly complement this bright, clean home office.

Ergonomic, but busy desk

This desk setup has many ergonomic features, including the wristrest at the mouse and the lumbar support. The monitor stand doubles as storage and matches the oak theme.

These clever storage options are endless. The wooden pegboard is a great storage solution. It can be used to store small tools and notebooks as well as miniature plants. These posters and artwork add an additional dimension to the space.

Beachy pastel desk

This gives you some bedroom desk ideas. This workspace is perfect for a corner nook and would look great in any room. We instantly feel more at home when we add artwork and plants to the walls.

In smaller spaces, a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard work well. They take up less space and don’t have messy cables. This is also possible by placing the desk lamp in the back corner.

Functional and flexible desk

This is a great example for using a stand-up desk to organize your work space. These adjustable desks can be adjusted to move you and reduce the risk of injury and heart disease from prolonged sitting.

This minimalist workspace is perfect because you can easily adjust it throughout the day.

Natural and homely desk

This home office has a lot of natural light (we envy the lush green view!). The poster-style artwork offers a lot of visual interest.

The desk is placed to maximize the view from the large windows. While the light curtains can be used to block glare or shadows, the light curtains will make it easier for you to see the desk. We also love the design of the ergonomic chair.

Clean, minimalist desk

Some people find clutter and colour distracting from their work environment. This is the ideal solution.

We love the way that all cables are neatly placed to hang behind the desk with only a wireless keyboard, and wireless mice within easy reach. Remotes and other items that are not essential or are used less often are kept on the pegboard to one side. This keeps the desk clear of clutter and prevents work-related pains and aches.

Space-saving desk

This compact arrangement shows that you can easily fit a functional workspace anywhere. The ergonomic chair is still very comfortable and allows for you to change your position. A filing cabinet offers ample storage.

We would only make one change: we would add more lighting. A well-placed lamp will help to illuminate the desk and reduce eye strain. Learn more about lighting for your home in our lighting guide.


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