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Day in the Life of an Agile Worker – Infographic

Many people work remotely or at home. This type of work is called agile working or activity-based.

Although it might not be possible to work on a DSE-compliant computer at all times, there are ways we can protect our work health.

This infographic will give you an idea of healthy habits that you can follow while working remotely or at home.

Every agile day is different. That’s why we tried to incorporate as many ideas into our day as possible. We cycled to work, used a sit/stand desk, and went for a walk half way through the day. This kind of day is impossible for everyone. We all have different tasks and not all of us have the same access to cycling and walking routes. However, we can all make an effort to move more at work. When we aren’t able to use ergonomic equipment, standing, stretching and moving are essential to avoid poor postures over extended periods.

We hope that you find this useful. Feel free to download, share it on social networks, or email it to your friends.

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