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7 pieces home office equipment that every start-up should have

Start a business. There are many financial and personal rewards for entrepreneurs who take the plunge.

In the UK, nearly 726,000 new businesses were established in 2020. Would you like to be one of them? Can you match Sir Brian Souter’s ‘rags-to-riches’ story as an entrepreneur? The Financial Times explains how Brian used his redundancy payment as a bus driver father in 1980 to purchase two second-hand cars. Stagecoach is now earning a PS928 million annually.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to furnish your business with the right furniture and technology that will make it more productive and comfortable. You might have to work long hours in the beginning months or years of starting a business. It’s important to take care of your body and avoid any aches and pains.

Tips to save money when purchasing office equipment for a business new venture

Subscribe to the email newsletters of office suppliers. Posturite offers customers 10% off their first purchase.
You can find bundles for office kit.
Clearance office and ex-demo equipment are available.
Look for products that offer a long warranty.
A refurbished machine is an option.
Find funding options for small businesses.
Products that are easily re-usable in the future, such as upholstered chairs. Chairs with removable pads can be reupholstered rather than buying a new one.

Some small businesses kept the information from their clients about operating from home before the pandemic. This was considered somewhat unprofessional by some. The times have changed, and it is now acceptable to have a home-office.

What office equipment do you need to launch your home-based business?

1. A chair for the office

You should look for a office chair that offers good back support. A recent Posturite customer survey revealed that 93% of them rated their chair as the most important piece in their homeworking kit. A regular dining or kitchen chair will not be comfortable enough to allow you to sit comfortably at your computer. It lacks the chair features, adjustability to suit your body and promote movement. An ergonomic chair is likely to be worth the investment.

2. A desk

There are many options for home office desks, including smaller desks that can be folded away at the end. You might also consider height-adjustable desktops that allow you to raise the desk enough to be able to stand for extended periods of time. You can move better and adopt different working positions.

3. A laptop

It’s obvious but essential that you have a desktop or laptop computer on your list of start-up equipment. You can choose from a Windows laptop or a Chromebook, and you will be able to navigate through the many options with an laptop buying guide. Paying monthly for the laptop can lead to high interest rates. For example, a laptop that costs PS299 will become PS413 if it is charged at 24.9% interest for 36 months.

Laptops are a versatile tool that can be used in many ways. However, it is important to ensure your health and business’s success by placing it correctly with the screen raised. Also, make sure you use a separate keyboard if you are not using it.

A laptop is a good choice, as they can be taken to clients or suppliers. They also make it easy to tidy up when working remotely. But you can always choose a desktop computer or Mac. These are some tips from Money Saving Expert on increasing your broadband speed.

4. A phone

A basic phone and/or landline can be sufficient for many small businesses. It is what you say and write that will matter! Clear communication will depend on the strength of your connection. When choosing a business phone, consider storage space, screen quality, charging speed, and security software.

5. A laptop stand

A laptop stand starts at PS26 and helps you adopt a healthier approach to tablet and laptop use. This is an essential tool that we consider to be essential. Your laptop should be elevated to your eye level by placing it on a stand. The top of the screen should also be at your eye line. A good working position without hunching will prevent neck pain and backache . There are portable, foldable stand models that can be used to store your work kit in the evening.

6. Separate keyboard

A separate keyboard is required to use a laptop stand to raise your screen. This has been added to this list. Your keyboard’s shape, size, and layout can have a significant impact on how you use your fingers, hands, and shoulders. A compact Number Slide keyboard has a narrow width that allows you to use your mouse from closer to your arm than the side.

7. A mouse that is ergonomic

An ergonomic mouse will complete your office setup if you use a laptop on a standing base. This will reduce repetitive strain injuries to your hand, arm, and shoulder. A mouse equipped with a precision scrollwheel would be the best choice if you have to scroll through long documents quickly.

Looking for office supplies advice?

Posturite’s Live Support Chat offers expert product advice and assistance on all types of office supplies. Simply open the green speech bubble at any webpage and send a message to the team.

You can also store your technology and office furniture neatly with strong stackable storage containers. The more organized you are, the easier it will be for you to feel in control.

What type of business are you going to start?

According to the Federation of Small Businesses , there were 3.2 million sole traders in the UK, representing 56% of the UK’s private sector businesses. The UK Government has a guide that explains the differences between a soletraderlimited company, and a partnership.

You may need permission from your landlord or mortgage provider to run your business from your home. Your home insurance might not cover your business. Make sure you have insurance that covers your business.

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